psychokinetic and (minor) gate mage


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Jen has framed much of her life experiences through a drive of learning, of studying, of figuring things out, and it shows in her actions.
She finds it difficult to engage in things when things aren’t connected to ‘a problem’ or ‘solution’, which tends to express itself as not really speaking unless spoken to or something important is going on.
Still, this tendency doesn’t really stop her from occasionally talking to people close to her about her understanding of her identity, especially in how it is preserved between far away times.
When speaking, she tends to speak in lists or with vague ideas rather than anything more concrete.
She enjoys talking about magic, philosophy (despite her lack of education in it), and abstract problem solving, and enjoys spending her free time messing around with her magical skills and acrobatics.
She often gets caught up in things, lost in her own hyperfocus, and finds herself easily slipping into relying on others, sometimes more than in entirely healthy.
Jen grew up in a line of mages, her mother being a member of a prestigious line of mages specializing in sympathy magic.
Unfortunately for the hope that she would grow up to be a rich heiress, her father was a fairly average minor arcane technician who impregnated her mother on a one night stand, who only decided not to abort the baby after a lengthy session of ritual divination showed that she had an interesting weight of fate on her after all.
Still, her mother didn’t really want to deal with a child, and so arranged to participate in the rites that were her duty and finance her education as a mage, but left the rest to her father.


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