Iliana usually appears wearing her “ornamental” armor. This is a metallic chain “skirt” that goes from her hips to just above the feet, a pair of metal boots with “heels” of about three inches, although quite solid ones, a plate which covers her chest quite well, but leaves her midriff bare, and finger-less metal gauntlets that go almost to her elbows. Most would consider this far from practical armor. She also suffers from having too many belts, all though the belts are at least filled with small pouches for equipment. Finally, she has a jeweled collar around her neck

Iliana is a fair-skinned athletic young woman, maybe early twenties. Her frame is light, and her blonde hair goes just past her shoulders. Her eyes are a dull brown, but they give off a distinct sense of judgment at all times. On her back and arms there are what appear to be inked lines and circles, almost like a diagram of some sort although the armor covers much of it up.

Finally, she is accompanied by a self-propelled box. The box is made of the same metal as her armor if a little more decorated and it almost seems like it has a face on one of its sides. Specifically, the side towards the direction of travel. There are green jewels for eyes, and lines that hint at a mouth, nose and eyebrows. Its not entirely clear how to open the box, since anything that might be a panel and the lid appears to be locked shut, without anything that might be a place for a key. In fact, the box will open automagically for Iliana. The box is utterly filled with riches. It actually is constantly producing an assortment of valuable materials. (The box is Iliana’s independent income.) There are spherical “wheels” on the bottom, which occasionally can come in handy, but mostly the box floats in the air.

Iliana is basically always willing to tell it as it is. She’s upfront and a crappy liar. She likes to meet new people and talk with them, but at the same time it is easy to get the impression she doesn’t really care about others. Also notably is the sheer self-assurance of her superiority and everyone else’s inferiority. In truth, Iliana has internalized her culture’s sheer arrogance to everyone else.

The appearance of her armor is actually an illusion shell however. If one has a method to see through illusions they see she is covered in metal plate armor from head to toe. The armor has faint symbols inscribed into it that are nearly invisible unless seen from the correct angle. This can create the illusion the symbols appear and disappear and are constantly changing. The armor is crafted from Orichalcum, not any lesser metal. Second, the armor is impossibly clean. Third the armor is extremely well angled to deflect blows. Fourth the armor has masterful crafting and even when the masterful crafting fails to allow for mobility the armor can adjust itself ever so slightly. In effect, this is the perfectly crafted armor made still better by magic. Anyone capable of sensing the enchantments will notice it is absurdly enchanted as well.


Collected Wisdom on the Unity:
“Don’t go there. It is a silly place.”
“Imagine a bunch of particularly arrogant, stupid, and obnoxious barbarians. Now imagine they have unlimited cosmic power.”
“These people couldn’t make an airtight ship, so instead they made an unlimited air supply. ”

Iliana is not from Terramar, instead she is from a nearby space civilization. Specifically a space civilization, the Unity, sitting on a galactic ley-line with practically unlimited access to valuable magical materials, casters of various types and energy for enchantments. The civilization is surprisingly low-tech. Really they haven’t advanced technologically ever since going to the stars and exploiting the ley-line. Higher tech civilizations have attempted to attack for the resources, of course. Once. Near-C interstellar missile bombardment against something protected by Reverse Missiles is an extremely effective method of mass suicide.

Iliana History: Fast-forward five hundred years and while technology has advanced little, endlessly spiraling investments in capital, magic, human and otherwise have pushed their wealth and power to absurd levels. Iliana is born to a couple of well-to-do alchemists. Well-to-do by the standards of Unity means absurd wealth compared to the rest of the world. They had access to golem and homunculi servants, energy taps, Sacred Architecture and access to magical materials.

As a child she was able to gain a solid grounding in the occult practices of her people, while her parents exposed her to alchemy the specific practice of alchemy at an early age. Learning a few hundred rote spells or even more boring alchemical formulas did not particularly appeal to Iliana so when she got the chance to start to focus in on a path she choose the pretentiously named “Sacred Alchemy”. Despite the pretentious name, it is not actually connected to the Goddess, but is just magic, although with a significantly more developed theoretical underpinning.

The reason Sacred Alchemy drew her is a good enough alchemist wouldn’t need to stick to carefully researched formulas, but could mix up new potions on the spot. Plus it was, much, much faster. She stayed away from magic for much the same reason.

As she became closer to adulthood the idea of adventuring for at least a while began to appeal more and more to her. First off, adventuring was said to be a way to rapidly increase one’s skill and power. An adventurer can progress farther in a few months than a decade of grinding out her magery and alchemy practice. Secondly, it wasn’t boring as sin like the alchemy practice she was grinding currently.

Terramar is particularly popular place for adventuring for several reasons. First, is the various old civilizations have left behind artifacts that are actually valuable! This is rare among places suitable for adventuring. Second it has a huge amount of variety. Third it actually has space ports, and occasional ships arriving and departing. Shortly after hitting adulthood (20 years in Unity) she hitched a ride on a freighter, then got on a tour group going to Terramar.

On Terramar, she promptly abandoned the tour group to go adventuring! Having no real idea of how to do this, she promptly found a seedy tavern and started asking the bartender for tips, while slipping the bartender coins. The bartender pointed her to people willing to let her join them. It turned out they were less fellow adventurers and more murderous thieves who wanted to rob Iliana. Young woman, with too much money and stupid costume armor, expensive jewelry and no weapons? And heels!? She looked like an easy mark to them.

When they were sufficiently far away from the city, the robbers turned on her. And very quickly discovered that Iliana’s armor was in fact quite practical. They also learned she could summon a magic greatsword, when she dismembered one of them. The next one was able to put up a fight right until his blade shattered and he promptly got disemboweled. The crossbow man tried to stand his ground, but it was a wasted effort against her missile shield. The archer was run down, caught, and killed.

Adventuring group two survived much longer. The upside of them was they weren’t bandits. On the minus side they sort of sucked, and spent most of their time wandering between taverns or brothels, while spending the stuff Luggage craps out. To put it another way, they were partying on Iliana’s money! However, that was only how they spent most of their time, and a minority of their time they actually did engage in some adventuring, dungeon delving and general trouble making.

The Prince’s Crown Incident: So some orcish(?) raiders successfully attacked a small island barony. Not really much of a barony actually. They burned it to the ground, looted everything and killed or enslaved everyone. The barony was the current seat of the First Prince of the local kingdom, the Kingdom of Azure. Really the Kingdom of Azure was just a handful of islands, and the Prince was learning stewardship while colonizing a new island.

While the orcs were raiding, Iliana’s adventuring team was raiding the orcs! There was a bounty posted. The orcs actually retreated in good order, and suffered far few causalities than they had any right too. The wizard had cast Missile Shields on everyone, the sorcerer was chucking lightning blasts, and the orcs didn’t want to approach them after Iliana chucked her first bomb. The orc retreated into a forest, and the party began looting.

Then the orc raiders came back. The party noticed. The orc raiders did not do so well. When returning to land the sorcerer, wizard and Iliana rained AoE’s down upon them and the sorcerer set their main ship on fire for good measure. (They didn’t realize slaves were on-board the main ship!) The terrain was such that the party fire down from up a sheer cliff while the orcs could only be slaughtered. The orcs were surprisingly well organized, and even manged to rally and return fire, but Missile Shield meant that all that bravery was worse than useless. Orc sailors that tried to abandon ship were easy targets too. Not a single orc raider survived.

The party grabs the most valuable loot, calls their ship and goes to sell their loot and collect their bounty. The party returned to the Kingdom of Azure literally wearing the Prince’s crown. Mid-way through their party at the tavern-brothel, Iliana bursts in and yells at them to get their shit together because the Prince was recently brutally murdered by orcs and that was his crown! Party got back in the ship and sailed out with the police on their tail. The party’s ship was faster though. Specifically, the party’s ship was faster after the sorcerer set the sails of the royal ships on fire.

They are all wanted in the Kingdom of Azure now. Iliana heard about that from a tavern-keeper, but she hasn’t heard anything since, so its probably fine.

The Bandit King and how not to take hostages: A team of bandits had been raiding the road from the port to a nearby market town. Apparently it was quite profitable for the bandits. The leader of the bandits had apparently even been kidnapping men to force to build his “kingdom” and women to join his “harem”. Not a nice person.

The party set forth to trash the Bandit King’s nascent kingdom. However, being incompetent the party was quickly ambushed with roughly 40 crossbows pointed at them and both the cleric and Iliana being “hostage” with blades at their throat. Now the party might have been incompetent as adventurers, but they had enough magic power to make up for it. The bandits soon found out the hard way their blades wouldn’t penetrate Iliana’s armor, the clerics skin and their arrows didn’t work on the warded party. The resulting chase scene led the party to the Bandit King’s fort and the people were rescued and the bandits scattered. Success!

The Kobold Tunnels: The grave of Iliana’s second adventuring party. Those nasty kobolds! It all started when they heard about kobolds’ crystal mines and apparently that the kobolds had found a vein of “natural” Philosopher’s Stone! Iliana knew that was probably a pile of crap, but still it was a raid against weak kobolds.

Unfortunately, kobolds are actually clever and dangerous! Plus kobolds are reasonably saturated with magical talent. So the raid did not go as planned. They broke through the front easily, and began carelessly strolling down the oversize entrance tunnel. Kobolds building a tunnel large enough for the winged elf to fly in, probably should have been a give away that this was a trap. Halfway down the entrance tunnel the floor fell out.

Iliana had a flight alchemy charm. The wizard and sorcerer also were able to bring up spells in time to get to safety. The winged elf was winged and was already buzzing. The thief had surprisingly fast reflexes and apparently spider like climbing abilities. The blackguard fell to his death although they were planning on murdering the guy and giving his share of the loot to the local orphanage. The blackguard really did deserve it. The cleric got saved by her god. The sage was trailing really far behind and thus avoided the trap all together. The team started walking (or crawling or buzzing) back the way they came. They were ready to call the mission a success! They might not have killed any kobolds, but they did get a blackguard killed, so that’s worth celebrating win. Plus the trek was a day there and another back, so Luggage would be full of loot.

The kobolds had a large organized ambush just outside the hall. The kobolds first demanded their surrender. Iliana pulled out her best Thermal Detainer because that always gets you out of things in a illusion play. The kobold leader was confused, so Iliana explained it was a Sacred Alchemy bomb. One spasm later she dropped the thing and the party was on fire. So were the kobolds. And part of the mountain. The wizard, thief, Luggage and Iliana were the only survivors of the adventuring group. The wizard had a fire protection spell, the thief dodged and Iliana plus Luggage were excluded from the effect.

This illustrates why cultural competence and clear communication are important. The kobolds did not know what Sacred Alchemy was and so assumed that the weapon could back fire on Iliana, and the effective radius had to be something reasonable. Iliana assumed they would understand the nature of her threat despite the kobolds obviously not having access to Unity illusion plays.

Iliana needs a new adventuring party. The thief and wizard decided that they were going to make their own adventuring group with zero crazy off-worlders. The swamp is full of adventures so why not head there? Or more likely Frogtown first, then she can find another group of scrubs to join up with. Preferably one that is more proactive and less of a bunch of leeches than her previous group.

Note: Sacred Alchemy=Ritual Path Magic Alchemy, and Sacred Magic=Ritual Path Magic; the Unity is really pretentious.

Enemies: The Azure Kingdoms, some orcish raiders and the Bandit King are all rather upset with Iliana. They’ve put out bounties for her. None of them actually have the resources to hire a sufficiently professional team, but occasionally a group of starter, overconfident, bounty hunters assemble themselves. Technically, there are bounties for her former companions, but they are either dead (most of them), or inaccurate (thief and wizard).

Native Language: Its an offshoot of English seemingly separated over a thousand years ago. Of note the alphabet is gone and has been replaced with a strictly phonetic writing system were each symbol corresponds to a distinct phoneme, which cut down on the number of distinct sounds and further pushed it apart from 21st century English.

Other Languages: She also speaks and reads “Angelic” a.k.a. Celestial, and speaks the common tongue of Terramar. Her reading ability is pretty minimal in Terramar’s common tongue though. She can sort of sound out the words.

Name: Iliana
Race: Human

Attributes 10
ST 12 (ST includes +2 from ‘Plate, Medium (Full Suit)’)
DX 12 (DX includes +2 from ‘Plate, Medium (Full Suit)’)
IQ 11 20
HT 12 (HT includes +2 from ‘Plate, Medium (Full Suit)’)

HP 12
Will 10 [-5]
Per 10 [-5]
FP 12

Basic Lift 29
Damage 1d-1/1d+2

Basic Speed 6
Basic Move 6

Ground Move 6
Water Move 1

Social Background
TL: 4 [-5]
Cultural Familiarities: Cultural Familiarity (Terramar) 1.
Languages: Angelic (Native) 6; Terramar Common (Native/Semi-Literate) 4.

Advantages 198
Ally (Magical Luggage) (100% of starting points) (Constantly; Minion) 30
Appearance (Attractive) 4
Independent Income (5) 5
Luck (Costs HP 8) 3
Magery (RPM) (2) (Gadget/Breakable: DR 6-15; Gadget/Breakable: Size -5 or -6; Gadget/Can Be Stolen: Thief must win a Quick Contest of DX or ST; Stable Casting) 18
Magery 0 (RPM) (stable casting) 7
Occultist (4) 40
Ritual Adept (Space) (Gadget/Breakable: DR 6-15; Gadget/Breakable: Size -5 or -6; Gadget/Can Be Stolen: Thief must win a Quick Contest of DX or ST) 5
Ritual Magery 0 5
Wealth (Multimillionaire 1) 75

Perks 1
Sanitized Metabolism 1

Disadvantages [-60]
Easy to Read [-10]
Enemy (Random Bounty Hunter Teams) (Small group (3-5 people)) (6 or less) [-5]
Low Pain Threshold [-10]
Odious Personal Habit (Talking about the superior nature of Unity) (-1) [-5]
Overconfidence (12 or less) [-5]
Slow Healing (-1) [-5]
Status (-0) [-10]
includes: -2 from ‘Wealth’
Truthfulness (6 or less) [-10]

Quirks [-5]
Attentive [-1]
Careful [-1]
Likes Cats [-1]
Likes Exploring [-1]
Nosy [-1]

Skills 21
Alchemy/TL4 (Magic) IQ/VH – IQ+1 12 1
includes: 4 from ‘Occultist’
Alchemy/TL4 (Mundane) IQ/VH – IQ
1 12 1
includes: 4 from ‘Occultist’
Alchemy/TL4 (RPM) IQ/VH – IQ
3 14 4
includes: 4 from ‘Occultist’
Archaeology IQ/H – IQ
2 13 1
includes: 4 from ‘Occultist’
Diplomacy IQ/H – IQ-2 9 1
History (Terramar) IQ/H – IQ
2 13 1
includes: 4 from ‘Occultist’
History (Unity) IQ/H – IQ
2 13 1
includes: 4 from ‘Occultist’
Path of Magic IQ/VH – IQ-1 10 4
Research/TL4 IQ/A – IQ
3 14 1
includes: 4 from ‘Occultist’
Symbol Drawing (Sacred Architecture) IQ/H – IQ-2 9 1
Thaumatology IQ/VH – IQ
1 12 1
includes: 4 from ‘Occultist’
Throwing DX/A – DX-1 11 1
Two-Handed Sword DX/A – DX
0 12 2
Weird Science IQ/VH – IQ-3 8 1

Stats 10 Ads 198 Disads [-60] Quirks [-5] Skills 21 = Total 165

Hand Weapons
1 Greatsword LC:4|4 $42400 Wgt:7
Swing Dam:1d+8 (2) cut Reach:1, 2 Parry:9 ST:12† Skill:SK:Sword!, SK:Two-Handed Sword, ST:DX-5, SK:Broadsword-4, SK:Force Sword-4
Thrust Dam:1d+2 (2) cr Reach:2 Parry:9 ST:12† Skill:SK:Sword!, SK:Two-Handed Sword, ST:DX-5, SK:Broadsword-4, SK:Force Sword-4

Ranged Weapons

Armor & Possessions
1 Alchemist’s Kit, Basic $3000 Wgt:20 Location:
1 Alchemist’s Kit, Good $15000 Wgt:200 Location:
100 Blessed (1) Ring (Power-15) $15300 Wgt:10 Location:
2 Continual Light Mage (Torch) on a Pole $24200 Wgt:2 Location:
3 Delver’s Webbing
Potion Belt+Scroll Belt Rugged, Expensive (20 Hideaways, Power-15) $11700 Wgt:9.6 Location:
1 Enchanted Collar, Jeweled (11700 energy, power-20 100$/energy, 10k in assorted jewels and materials) $1180000 Wgt:3 Location:
1 Enchantments on Greatsword (3.8k energy, Power-20, 100$/energy) $380000 Wgt:0 Location:
1 Enchantments on Plate (15k Energy, Power-20, 100$/energy) $1500000 Wgt:0 Location:
1 Ensorcel (Mage Sight) $60000 Wgt:0 Location:
1 Ensorcel- Reverse Missiles (100$ per energy, power-20, 1.4k energy) $140000 Wgt:0 Location:
1 Fire Resistance (Amulet, in collar) $7500 Wgt:0 Location:
2 Flight (Talisman, incorporated into the collar) $90000 Wgt:0 Location:
1 Formulary, Volume of Body $141000 Wgt:24 Location:
1 Formulary, Volume of Chance $53000 Wgt:12 Location:
1 Formulary, Volume of Energy $53000 Wgt:12 Location:
1 Formulary, Volume of Magic $18000 Wgt:7.2 Location:
1 Formulary, Volume of Matter $53000 Wgt:12 Location:
1 Formulary, Volume of Mind $53000 Wgt:12 Location:
1 Formulary, Volume of Spirit $18000 Wgt:7.2 Location:
1 Formulary, Volume of Undead $9000 Wgt:6 Location:
7 Healing – Talisman (In form of a single small cylinder) $12600 Wgt:.7 Location:
7 Healing – Talismen (Incorporated into collar) $12600 Wgt:0 Location:
1 Health (Amulet, in collar) $11250 Wgt:0 Location:
1 Illusion shell on armor (Power-20) $40000 Wgt:0 Location:
1 Invulnerability (Amulet, in collar) $31500 Wgt:0 Location:
1 Personal Basics $110 Wgt:.8 Location:
1 Plate, Medium (Full Suit) $536250 Wgt:5.4978 Location:Full Suit
24 Primer, Magic Skills (All Path of [college] skills) $2400 Wgt:72 Location:
1 Regeneration (Talisman, in collar) $75000 Wgt:0 Location:
13 Thesis-40 points, Magic Skills (Thaumatology (RPM), Alchemy (RPM), All path skills, Weird Science) $52000 Wgt:156 Location:
1 Universal Antidote (Amulet, in collar) $11250 Wgt:0 Location:


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