Lady Audrey

Noble Spellsword


The Lady of Travers is the kind of fair haired beauty (very beautiful) you’d expect to find in a noble’s court rather than mucking about in the wilds. She’s certainly built for court with a slender frame, slight muscles and light complexion that all suggest a life away from manual labor. Audrey seems to bring the airs of court with her, sometimes literally standing above the muck. Despite her haughty appearance, it is difficult not to like Audrey at first blush.

Her typical outfit is a silken dress of aquamarine accented with gold and jewels. She wears an ornate rapier at her hip, which would be easy to mistake as ornamentation until wielded. Rounding out the look are a pair of perl earrings and matching cross necklace. The necklace is particularly ornate – made of platinum, inlaid with purple amethysts, black onyxes, emeralds, and rubies with a woodland scene including a hawk, nightingale, pelican, fish and unicorn. Notably missing is any indication of bags or travel gear, except for when a steamer trunk is pulled from thin air. Overall, Audrey looks to be taking a scenic stroll rather than decked out for an adventure.

Very begrudgingly, Audrey will don a suit of green and gold armor when pressed by her fellow travelers. The full suit of plate is protective from head to toe, although is crafted for mobility and appearance it is also a significant amount of protection.


Audrey is a social creature at heart and is never really happy if she isn’t able to pass the time with friends and companions. It isn’t difficult to strike up a conversation or even friendship with Audrey. It is a great habit for instilling comradery, but less useful when she wants to chat throughout her watch.

Overall, Audrey is an positive person with an optimistic view towards life. That means she’s confident that something worth exploring is going to be just around the bend or over the mountain. That also means she doesn’t bother worry about things like getting hurt or lost. At time that optimism can veer into a self-centered streak as she’s more interested in the potential than in the concerns of her companions.

In the field Audrey makes for a great scout or support fighter, so long as her companions can keep her from getting distracted or bored. She really does mean well, but she’s first and foremost on a vacation. Audrey dreams of mystical waterfalls and dangerous gorgons, not harvesting mushrooms or cleaning stables – no matter how well they pay.

Back in civilization Audrey is much more in her element. She has an almost supernatural knack for talking her way into the best of rooms, dinner with interesting people and shockingly good prices with merchants. The fact that she’s willing to pay for the experience certainly doesn’t help. Again, so long as someone keeps her on task, Audrey can absolutely dance the dance of civilization.

That said, Audrey seems more comfortable with “civilized” races than the likes of draconic and goblinoid folk. She certainly isn’t racist, at least outwardly, but she’s just not accustomed to some of the more exotic cultures. The cute and cuddly of the world, of course, are an exception.


The Lady of Travers comes from the Duchy of Travers, a prosperous region that benefits from the intersection of two rivers and a major trade route. As a result of this trade, the Maurer family is renown for it’s wealth. Duke Harold, Audrey’s father, has a reputation as a forward minded leader, encouraging technological and magical developments. He has embraced sharp minds from far and wide, paying well to ensure the Duchy reaps their benefits.

Having grown up pampered in a cosmopolitan environment, Audrey didn’t lack for opportunities. Boys, balls and fashion were her preferred pastimes and she flourished in the court environment. Of course, the world is more than just fancy parties and the Maurers’ historically refuse to hide behind their walls. Thus, Audrey’s education also included a fencing master and survival training. In a world where adventurers are a cut above, it doesn’t pay to let others do the heavy lifting. Metaphorically, of course.

Three years ago her elder brother vanished during a campaign in the Western Marches, leaving Audrey the new heir. Despite her father’s protestations, she has taken it upon herself to look into his disappearance. Thus, she has equipped herself as best she can and has ventured into the wilds. While she isn’t looking forward to long nights in the muck of the swamp, she has to admit to herself the prospect of a real adventure is more than a little exciting. Yes, the goal to to discover what happened to her brother, but that doesn’t mean she can’t have a little fun along the way.

Lady Audrey

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