Reina Scarlett Gritte the Third

Spoiled 'Runaway' Heiress


Reina is a short girl, not even five feet tall, with a lithe, yet fit build. With fiery red hair, and red eyes, she always seems to look down upon anything and everything around her, even if she has to look up first. She wears an ornate suit of armor with silken frills on its back, though it lacks a helmet, instead taking the place of an ornate face mask pulled back on her head, which can be pulled into place. A silver crown accented with gold sits upon her head, and she seems to diligently keep it sparkling clean. That goes for most of her gear, if one cared to look.

Along with that, she carries a scythe, longer than she is, and seemingly rather heavy, being made entirely of metal. It’s a surprisingly heavy weapon, and on a glance one could easily say it was for show, and that she could not actually wield it. Its wicked blade has ornate etchings upon it, going all the way back to where it joins with the handle, and it is equipped with prongs, seemingly meant to aid in combat. The back of it also has a hammerhead upon it, to be used merely by twisting the scythe around. The materials seem to be nearly hand-picked in what was used to construct it, and it is likely worth more than some people ever see in their lives.


Reina was born into the Gritte family, a minor noble family of Terramar. She had always been an ambitious one, even in her early days… and also a troublesome one. Where her mother would try to correct her and teach her proper manners, her father would pamper and spoil her. To her, noble life was comfortable, had everything she could ever need, and had her future already paved ahead of her, with little choice on the matter. All that was asked of her was to be proper, and keep in line.

How boring.

She would have none of that, as other interests drew her attention. She did the bare minimum to keep her parents happy at her, and to get what she wanted. Stories of knights, of battles, of weapons captivated her. Heroes carving out a name for themselves, claiming land, plundering riches, being admired by all in the land. That is what really pulled at her heart. Despite the protests of her mother, her father overlooked her more tomboyish tendencies. Even when she requested an expensive, ornate scythe and armor she got little more than a questioning look. She was his little angel, after all. More and more time she’d spend outside trying to swing the heavy thing, to the dismay of her mother. But she kept her act. She’d attend ballads, mingle with the children of other royals, only complain slightly when she was dressed in tight, uncomfortable dresses. All was well.

At least, until her skills started to show.

More and more she requested for practice and spars against the local knights, and even as she was denied, she kept persisting. Even her father was not sure. Eventually, however, he relented. She was to duel a young squire, training to be a knight until either side surrendered. Without her knowing, he was instructed to allow her to win, but first to tire her out. When the time for the duel came, she couldn’t be happier, even if her opponent was barely any older than her. It didn’t matter. Today was the day she would prove herself.

And prove herself she did.

The pair circled each other for a moment, before she took a leap forward to get the first, and only blow of the duel in. The young knight tried to parry, only to look on in shock as the sword he wielded shattered in a single blow from the scythe’s tip, and only had time to blink before its point struck his torso. Yet, something strange happened. Reina herself looked worried for a moment as she realized she was very likely about to kill the boy, and her hands gripped the scythe harder. The ornate weapon glowed in strange patterns for a moment, the iron in her palms suddenly glowing as if it had become red-hot in a matter of moments, before it traveled up the shaft and onto the blade of the weapon, settling at the tip. When it struck the knight’s armor, instead of tearing through it, it merely knocked him back, and off his feet, sending flying back a few yards after knocking the breath out of him.

This caused some murmurs and worried shouts in the courtyard as the duel was brought to a halt.

Her father declared that no more duels would be arranged after the display.

Reina was gone the next morning, along with many of her possessions.

Unbeknownst to her, it had not gone unnoticed, and a certain young knight would soon become a constant companion.

Reina Scarlett Gritte the Third

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