Setherris ka Sekerren

Dragonborn warrior


Primary attributes

Strength: 13
Dexterity: 12
Intelligence: 10
Health: 13


Brawling (DX+2)
Axe/Mace (ST+1)
Climbing (ST-1)
Hiking (HT-1)
First Aid, TL 5 (IQ+1)
Diplomacy (IQ-1)
Savoir-Faire (Military) (IQ+0)
Innate Attack (Breath) (DX+1)
Shield (DX+0)


Common Sense
Combat Reflexes
Fit (very)


Sense of Duty

Racial Traits

Cold-blooded (below 50 degrees F)
Claws, sharp
Teeth, sharp
Damage Resistance (2, burning)
Cannot learn non-reptilian languages above ‘accented’
Ruby scales
Head armor not interchangeable with humans
Innate Attack (Burn), 2d, 5-yard cone at 100’, 15-second recharge.


Physically, he’s of about average height for a lizardman; stockier, though, particularly around the neck, though an observer might be forgiven for thinking it’s the armor. His scales are a deep red, though this isn’t terribly visible before he removes his helmet or gauntlets: he’s armored from head to toe, with plate for his torso and mail for his extremities. A heavy mace hangs at his side, battered but cared for, and his gauntlets have open-ended fingers, leaving a gap for his claws to reach through.

He’s pleasant enough company outside of battle, if a little reserved.

Setherris ka Sekerren

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