Ancients, Elder Races, and Terrans

Aeon of the Ancients, Earth Men and the Elder Races


Although scholars dispute the exact dates, the consensus is that the Aeon of the Ancients ended tens of thousand years ago, and began some several million years past. “The Ancients” is used to refer to the numerous prehistoric civilizations that existed on Terramar. Not much is know about them, but these facts are generally accepted as true:
• The Ancients were human or human-like.
• Their civilization did not arise naturally, as Elder Races interfered in their development and possibly their evolution. Many sages posit that the original human of Terramar were brought here from Earth by some Elder Race or vice versa.
• They had much knowledge in both science and sorcery, more advanced than anything known to present day humanity of both Terramar and Earth
• The Ancients had contact with prehistoric Earth civilizations (Atlantis, Lemuria, Hyperborea, Mu, etc.), possibly the Ancients came to Terramar from Earth, or perhaps the Atlanteans, etc., came to Earth from Terramar.
• Their civilizations came to an end in a planet-wide war involving terrible weapons of massive destruction and reality-tearing nature. Much of the surface of Terramar is scarred, poisoned and tainted from this. Almost all of the knowledge and works of the Ancients was lost in this holocaust or the decline into barbarism, savagery, or decadent degeneration that followed.

The Elder Races were various powerful, inhuman races that range from hundreds of millions to billions of years old; almost all of alien or extradimensional origin. Their civilizations sprawled across Terramar in prehuman times. The reason for their decline in unknown. Nowadays there are only a few scattered populations of the Elder Races on Terramar, hidden in remote or inhospitable regions.

The Elder Races may be responsible for many of the bizarre anomalies of Planet Terramar, by virtue of their puissant sorcery and science they were capable of warping the planet to suit their inhuman whims.

Their abilities with technology and magic were far more powerful than anything achieved by man; although survivors of the Elder Races may seem to be gods compared to men, they are only the wretched, degenerate descendants of the true Elder Races who only possess scraps of their unthinkable knowledge and might.

Earth Men are technologically advanced humans from our world (commonly referred to as Terra on Terramar). The Earth Men, also called Terrans, have been sending spacecraft to Terramar for thousands of years; but as they do not possess the technology to travel faster than light speed, they have had to use such measures as:
• robot crews
• automated facilities to grow clones and implant memories
• generation ships
• cryogenics
• time dilation or stasis technology
• longevity treatments
There are a few Earth Man bases and settlements on Terramar, as well as a couple of orbiting space stations. Many have “gone native”, assimilating into local cultures or beginning the process of establishing their own.

Although Terrans are generally more technologically advanced than present day humanity, the science of the Ancients and the Elder Races far outstrips theirs.

While the Terramar term is “Earth Man” or Terran for the language they speak, it is actually Esperanto, which is taught to all Terramar explorers in order to facilitate communication between different expeditions.
Although the majority of Earth Men on Planet Terramar are there as a result of being a member of the crew of a starship expedition to Orion’s Arm, some are there as a result of preternatural means. These Earth Men are from any time period on Earth, up to the early 14th millennium (13,000 AD). Others are from different Earths located in parallel universes.


01 Archaeological accident
02 Disappeared at Hanging Rock, Australia
03 Is dreaming
04 Is experiencing an out of body experience
05 Is in a drugged stupor
06 Unintentional consequence of occult experiment
07 Unintentional consequence of scientific experiment
08 Unwilling subject of occult experiment
09 Unwilling subject of scientific experiment
10 Willing subject of occult experiment
11 Willing subject of scientific experiment
12 Was abducted by aliens
13 Was abducted by deros
14 Was cursed by a mystic
15 Was deceased and and bodily reincarnated on Planet Terramar
16 Was in Stonehenge at the wrong solstice
17 Was in a tornado
18 Was in polar expedition seeking the hollow earth
19 Was lost in a subterranean labyrinth
20 Was passenger, crew or pilot of an aircraft that flew into strange clouds
21 Was passenger, crew or pilot of vessel that sailed into the Bermuda Triangle
22 Was separated from tour group in the pyramids
23 Was shipwrecked
24 Was struck on head or seriously injured and is in a coma

Earth Man Explorer Table (d8)
1 – Astronaut – Could be from any time and flung through space and time.
2 – Sailor or Pilot – Whether shipwrecked or plane crashed, they find themselves on Planet Terramar.
3 – Pioneer – Traveler in the new world. Includes Vikings, Mountain Men, Conquistadors, Voyageurs, etc.
4 – Soldier – Could be cavalry officer transported from Earth or a trench fighter that wanders into mustard gas.
5 – Professor – Time travelers or those those that study altered states of consciousness.
6 – Occultist – Those that dabble in ancient esoteric ritual or eldritch rites.
7 – Dreamer – Men whose imagination is so prodigious, they may enter different realms.
8 – Child – Characters like Alice or Dorothy transported, from pastoral settings to a bizarre world.

Random Earth Men d20
01- Naive British schoolchildren.
02- Ruthless military officer, secretly paranoid and xenophobic, may snap under pressure.
03- Homeless French-Canadian punk rocker (25% chance of dog, 50% chance of it being a pit bull) will be oblivious to the change in scenery and will be looking for “ze beer store.”
04- Unflappable Victorian-era explorer.
05- Clueless reporter that believes he will get home soon with a “great story.”
06- Old West prospector with amazing mule (1-3), dog (4-5) or bear (6).
07- Mongol warrior that is having a great time.
08- Very religious medieval knight that believes that he is in hell and that everyone are demons, constantly lamenting.
09- Science fiction author that is disgusted with being a genre cliche.
10- Criminal mastermind that lands on his feet and immediately beings laying the foundations of a new criminal empire.
11- Native American warrior, total badass that can make bows and canoes and the like.
12- All-American sports hero with a punchy nickname.
13- Brilliant engineer that can McGyver shit.
14- Child detective almost always right but has 50% chance of being insufferably smug.
15- African-American martial artists, 50% chance of being a stone fox.
16- Renaissance-era Renaissance man, 60% chance of being always condescending and 75% chance of being a fencing master.
17- Super hero cast to Terramar by super villain.
18- Saucer Nazis!
19- Protagonist of a fish-out-of-water comedy, immune to serious harm but is always causing convoluted complicated situations.
20- Exasperated cop, either action hero or dad-type that was about to retire: “Just two days from retirement and here I am pinned down in a broken crystal tower by yellow cannibal freaks, with my last clip in my pistol. I just knew I should have stayed away from the glowing light in that alley!”

Ancients, Elder Races, and Terrans

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