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0. “Things that everyone on Terramar would know, even if they just arrived from another world (such as Earth) a few days ago”

  • 0.1 “Stuff you would see with your own five senses*
  • 0.1.1. It’s hot and humid (compared to Earth; even if your character can’t make that comparison, you the player need to).
  • 0.1.2. The sun is big and orange, and there are two moons which are very big, plus a ring around the planet.
  • 0.2 The following presume you have interacted with people on Terramar, either because you grew up there, or because you came from elsewhere but have spoken with natives.*
  • 0.2.1. The technological level is pre-industrial, late Renaissance, or Early Modern (even if your character doesn’t know to call it that). The most advanced areas are the Agorian Empire (Steampunk, but using magic instead of steam), and the Dwarves (just plain Steampunk). However, weapons and armor are only as advanced as the 1500s or 1600s.
  • 0.2.2 There are (supposed to be) nonhuman races, and monsters, although you might not have seen any, nor know any details about them.
  • 0.2.3 People believe in magic, although you might not have seen any, nor know anything specific about it.
    *0.2.4 If you care about religions/gods: https://terramar.obsidianportal.com/wiki_pages/religions-and-gods-on-terramar

1. Cosmic Factoids

  • The campaign is like Warhammer Fantasy but with everyone getting along. (“Points of Darkness” instead of Points of Light.)
  • Terramar has two moons and a ring (called the Bridge of the Gods).
  • Terramar is hotter and wetter than Earth. It is almost completely covered with water.
  • The dominant races, of roughly equal numbers and power, are (1) humans, (2) insect men, and (3) several species of intelligent cold-blooded humanoids: Deep Ones, Dragonborn, Froglings, Kobolds, Lizardfolk, Naga, Ophidians, Serpentfolk, and Troglodytes.
  • The “lesser races” include a few of the “standard” fantasy races but primarily consist of non-standard races such as Gargoyles, Gormelites, Mongrelmen, Myconids, Prootwaddles, Spiderfolk, Tasloi, and Beastmen of various sorts (Felinoids, Goatkin, Gnolls, Kenku Minotaurs, Ratlings, Spiderfolk, Swyne).

2. Continental Factoids (Name of starting continent and broad geography)

  • The largest known continent is Andor. In the center is the freshwater Middle Sea.
  • Heading around the Middle Sea is the heartland of the Agorian Empire.
  • North of that are the plains of the Karg tribes and the mountains of the Noroland barbarians.
  • To the south are swamps and jungles with dinosaurs.
  • There are island chains off the coast of the continent in all directions.
  • Just as in a typical D&D world, there are lots of giant creatures, including rats, spiders, scorpions, centipedes, and beetles. (However, the giant arthropods on Terramar tend to be smaller than the equivalent ones in standard D&D, because of realism.)

3. Kingdom Factoids (Names of a handful of important distant kingdoms and cities)

  • The Kharg tribes farm and ride the plains to the north of the Agorian Empire.
  • The Noroland barbarians are in the cold uplands and mountains north of the Karg.
  • The Serpentine Empire is southern part of the continent.
  • The Saurians are on an island or islands to the south.
  • Well-known cities and provinces in the Agorian Empire are Agoria-the-City, Alfheim, Andoria, Arboria, Arcadia, Archeron, Axis, Bensalem, Columna the City of Pylons, Dwarfheim, Drakonheim, Elysia, Ember, Freeport, the Grey City, Ironwood, Kellia, Kendor, Kor, Midland, Mountjoy, Neth the City of Poison, Oceania, Palatine, Sâlorium, Sardonyx, Sorcerers’ Isle, Spire, Stardock, and Viriconium, as well as Shadowheim the City of Necromancers.

4. Starting Region Factoids (Sub-regions and names of kingdoms in starting region)

  • The game starts in the western provinces of the Agorian Empire, which include the West Marshes (a swamp about 200 miles across, populated primarily by lizardfolk, dinosaurs, and prehistoric crocodiles).

5. Local Landmarks and Major Personages Factoids

  • The western provinces include the cities of Westmarch, Westmarsh, Freeport Down, and the Sinking City.
  • Frogtown is a small town on the edge of the swamp.
  • The Necromancer of the West Marshes has a black tower in the middle of the swamp.
  • The Green Mage of the West Marshes has a green and brown tower elsewhere in the swamp.
  • The two wizards are bitter rivals.
  • The City in the Swamp is inhabited by decadent reptile-men.
  • The Lord of the Swamp is a huge black dragon.

6. History Factoids (one bullet point for each major era: ancient history, cataclysm, post-cataclysm, recent conflict)

  • Tens of thousands of years ago the continent was ruled by elves, whose society collapsed when their magic wore out.
  • Hundreds of thousands of years ago the world was ruled by dragons.
  • Millions of years ago the world was ruled by angels and gods.

7. Religion Factoids

  • Terramar includes both pagan pantheons and also monotheistic religions.
  • The Church is roughly equivalent to the medieval/renaissance Catholic Church, with saints and the like.
  • The Kharg tribes practice Judaism.

8. Cultural Factoids

  • The most advanced cultures on the planet are the Agorian Empire, which is at a Renaissance “clockpunk” level of technology, and the Dwarves, who are an early steam society.
  • The most widespread languages are Tradetalk (the official language of the Temple of Goldar) and Draconic (the preferred language of mages and scholars).
  • The various reptilian/“scalykind” languages are all offshoots of Draconic and default to each other at -2 levels: Draconic, Lizardfolk, Kobold, Troglodyte, Ophidian, Serpentfolk.
  • The local Thieves’ Guild(s) crack down on unlicensed thieves. In fact the Thieves’ Guild(s) spend their time protecting the people who pay their fees, rather than committing crimes.

Handouts, More Detailed

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