Planet Terramar

Ways in which Terramar is not a Standard Fantasy Setting.

Terramar is “science fantasy” a/k/a “planetary romance” or “sword-and-planet” or “swords, sorcery, and saucers.”

1. Standard fantasy races and creatures are rare or nonexistent. Instead, there are non-standard races and/or alien species, such as Phraints, Gormelites, Grimlocks, Ophidians, Kenku and Ratfolk.

2. There are few or no races that are always evil. Instead, most races dwell together with tolerance and even in harmony.

3. Magic on Terramar works far more like magic in classic fantasy settings than like magic in video games.

4. The technological level is higher than in a standard fantasy setting; basically late Renaissance or Early Modern.

Military technology (weapons and armor) is roughly equivalent to the 1500’s or 1600’s.

Non-military technology is even higher, equivalent to the 1700’s; the most advanced societies on Terramar are the Agorian Empire which is roughly “Steampunk, but with magic instead of steam,” and the Dwarves, who are just plain Steampunk.

The Agorian Empire knows about theoretical physics up to relativity and QM, but nothing beyond, partly because they don’t have the technology available to do experiments more complicated than the two-slit experiment.

Planet Terramar

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