Play-by-Posting Game

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a play-by-post (PbP) game?

A play-by-post, or PbP, game is any game that is normally played face-to-face or on a tabletop played by posting to a web-board. Types of games might include Roleplaying Games (RPGs; e.g. Dungeons and Dragons), Strategy Games (e.g. Diplomacy), and Freeform Games. 

Free-form games lack formal rulesets – the GM of the game determines what is possible and what is not depending on the situation and what the players tell him. In short, free-form PbP is sort of collective story telling. The second form utilizes an existing ruleset for tabletop gaming.

2. How do you play?

Simple: the GM explains what’s going on, and then you post to the game thread explaining what your character is doing. PbP is just tabletop gaming expressed through the medium of the forum. More detailed information on how exactly to express what you want to do will be found later in this guide.

3. How do I join the game?

First, create a character, or at least a character concept, and get it approved by the GM.
Second, let the GM know where (on Terramar) and how you want your character thread to start.
Third, once approved, post something setting the scene in the appropriate channel.
This means either the play-by-post channel, Balo’s Tower, or (for threads involving undead, necromancy, or necromancers) the Necromancer’s Tower.

Play by Post Questionnaire

When starting a game, a DM should provide enough information for players to make their characters. The following is based on “The 16 Questions (by TheVorpalTribble)” from Giant in the Playground.

System: GURPS
Player Count: As many as can fit in the channels.
Style of Play: Science Fantasy/Planetary Romance; Sandbox, emphasizing Exploration and Roleplay.
Character Creation: see [[]]
Backstory: Required, or have a good explanation for the GM why your character doesn’t have one.
Races: See [[]]
Other Notes:  Cultures in Terramar; Religions and Gods on Terramar

Thread/Post Formatting

1. I’m fine with either present-tense or past-tense posts.
2. I’m fine with either character actions in normal text and character speech set off with quotations, or with character speech in plain text and character actions set off with italics.
3. All OOC should be set off by parentheses.

Play-by-Posting Game

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