Player Handouts - Terramar Campaign

My campaign is science fantasy roleplaying in a setting with exotic races, moral dilemmas, ancient technology, unusual social systems, and thousands of years of lore.

You can explore wilderness or megadungeons, learn lore, find out secrets, engage with either the highest or lowest classes in society, or do anything else you want.

Everything You Need to Know to Make Characters

RACES: Human, Insect Man, Reptoid, Dwarf, Ratling, Gormelite, Beastfolk, Spiderfolk, Tengu, Ghoul, Planetouched, Goblinoid.

CLASSES: Alchemist, Barbarian, Bard, Cleric, Druid, Expert, Fighter, Healer, Monk, Paladin, Ranger, Sage, Sorcerer, Tinkerer, Warlock, Wizard, or just about anything else.

No evil PCs.

Two Neat, Unique, Interesting Things About the World
1. Terramar is a science-fantasy setting. It has two moons and a ring. It has more alien races than fantasy ones. It has relics of incredibly-advanced ancient technology. It has a spaceport.

2. Terramar is Old School gaming and New Weird style. It has lots of political/economic/social/philosophical issues like the stories of Michael Moorcock, China Mieville, and M. John Harrison.

0. “Things that everyone on Terramar would know, even if they just arrived from another world (such as Earth) a few days ago”

  • 0.1 “Stuff you would see with your own five senses*
  • 0.1.1. It’s hot and humid (compared to Earth; even if your character can’t make that comparison, you the player need to).
  • 0.1.2. The sun is big and orange, and there are two moons which are very big, plus a ring around the planet.
  • 0.2 The following presume you have interacted with people on Terramar, either because you grew up there, or because you came from elsewhere but have spoken with natives.*
  • 0.2.1. The technological level is pre-industrial, late Renaissance, or Early Modern (even if your character doesn’t know to call it that). The most advanced areas are the Agorian Empire (Steampunk, but using magic instead of steam), and the Dwarves (just plain Steampunk). However, weapons and armor are only as advanced as the 1500s or 1600s.
  • 0.2.2 There are (supposed to be) nonhuman races, and monsters, although you might not have seen any, nor know any details about them.
  • 0.2.3 People believe in magic, although you might not have seen any, nor know anything specific about it.
    *0.2.4 If you care about religions/gods:

1. Cosmic Factoids

  • The campaign is like Warhammer Fantasy but with everyone getting along. (“Points of Darkness” instead of Points of Light.)
  • Terramar is hotter and wetter than Earth, and has two moons and a ring (called the Bridge of the Gods).

Player Handouts - Terramar Campaign

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