These take Dire Rats a step further. They weigh approximately 30 kilograms (65 lbs) and are about the 2’ to 4’ long, plus tail.

Though incapable of human speech, they are of near-human intelligence. They have difficulty dealing with non-concrete ideas and concepts, but can easily use man’s devices. Their forepaws, like those of monkeys and raccoons, are developed to such a degree that they can even use small weapons.

Ratfolk can move bipedally, though they will drop to all fours for rapid travel.

Ratfolk might present a danger to the supremacy of man if they were hostile, but fortunately for man their breeding rate is extremely slow, and they seem happy to live off man’s refuse and to cooperate with him through trade.

Ratfolk (Terramar) 14 points

Look like huge rats, two to three feet long plus tail.

They have claw-like hands (like monkeys) instead of paws, on front and possibly rear legs.

Weigh about 30 kg (65 lb) at full adult growth.

Size Modifier -2

Attributes: ST -3 [-30], DX+1 20; HT+1 10 = 0 points

Advantages: 34 points
Acute Hearing 5 10
Animal Empathy (Specialized – Rats -80%) 1;
Night Vision 5 5;
Reputation: Cute/Adorable (
2, most people, all the time)
Reputation: Harmless (+2, everyone, all the time) 10
Resistance To Disease 5 5;
Resistance To Poison 2 2;
Sharp Teeth 1

Disadvantages: -15 points
Social Stigma (Minority Group) [-10]
Semi-Upright [-5]

Perks: Fur 1

Quirks: Nibbles and gnaws a lot [-1], Careful [-1], Nosy [-1], Fascinated by Technology [-1], Shy [-1], Gregarious and Chummy only with other Ratfolk (and other rodents) [-1]; Dislike Snakes and Snake-Folk [-1]; Dislike Cats and Cat-Folk [-1].

Racial Skill: Stealth at DX 2

Claw- like hands 0;
Infectious Saliva 0

Infectious Saliva: Ratfolk saliva is especially infectious, and they often lick their blades before battle. A wound inflicted by a bite or blade is at -2 to HT for the purposes of infection (b.444).


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