The Library of Tizun Thane

Tizun Thane’s library includes the following:

All D&D wizard spells up to 3rd level found in D&D core books of any edition (including Pathfinder), plus Passwall, Ethereal Jaunt, Etherealness, Time Stop, and Astral Projection.

All D&D Conjuration spells (for any class) found in D&D officially-published books of any edition (including Pathfinder). Ditto with Abjuration spells related to outsiders, elementals, or the planes, such as Banishment.

This includes spells above 9th level, such as Epic spell seeds in the Epic Level Handbook: Armor, Banish, Conjure, Heal, Life, Summon, and Transport.

All D&D Teleportation or Calling spells (for any class) found in any official or third-party published items, and any unpublished items that I can find.

Whether third-party or unpublished spells will actually work when cast is not guaranteed.

Books of lore which contain all non-restricted lore about the planes, including alternate prime planes, found in any official or third-party published items for D&D (including Pathfinder, clones and hacks), GURPS, PbtA, FUDGE, and FATE.

This includes the bulk of the Manual of the Planes (of first, third, and fourth editions), the lore books for Planescape, the Planar Adventures book for Pathfinder, etc.

The Library of Tizun Thane

Terramar JohnFast