Through the Mirrors of Tizun Thane

This is the current storyline (or one of them) in the Terramar campaign.

It centers around gate magic and planar travel.

This is a meta-page with information about the current main thread of my campaign, primarily links to other pages about it.

Dramatis Personae:

Jen, psychokineticist
Iliana, outworlder mage
Michael, six-year-old boy mage
Ox, ranger

Tizun Thane, Archmage of Gate Magic

Tizun Thane’s “Practicals” (i.e. Adventurers)
Tiefling warlock
“Planar freebooter” (i.e. Githyanki) knight
Bizarre elf
Earth man
Aasimar paladin

Through the Mirrors of Tizun Thane

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